Contact: Nicole Matz
Brookside Country Club
850 N. Adams St.
Pottstown, PA  19464
United States of America

Kyle Bryant, author of the memoir "Shifting into High Gear," the subject of the award-winning documentary "The Ataxian", Directof of Ride Ataxia and cohost of the podcast "Two Disabled Dudes" will join usand share his story with our club.

Kyle is living with the fatal progressive neuro-muscular disorder, Friedreich's ataxia and has turned his grave diagnosis into a life-affirming mission to reframe how we see ourselves when faced with overwhelming challenges. Kyle willl share his riveting story about his inspiring cross-country cycling journeys, including the world's roughts race "Race for America", which willl he'll leave you rethinking the limitations of your own life as he reminds us of the tremendous strength that lies within us all, and what, ultimately, matters.  Come hear Kyle's lessons and heartfelt, humorous, ruminations.

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