On Saturday night, November 16th, we held our student talent competition to award scholarships that will help students further their interest in singing and/or playing musical instruments.
We had 17 students competing in three categories - Vocal Classical, Instrumental and Vocal Pop.
For Vocal Classical Performance, Jordan McAndrew won 1st Place, Molly Herman took 2nd Place and Christie Lohr won 3rd Place.
For Instrumental Performance, Chris Jung won 1st Place, Stefanie Li took 2nd Place and Sarah Martin won 3rd Place.
For Vocal Pop/Broadway/Jazz Performance, Sofia Stankiewicz won 1st Place, Jordan McAndrew took 2nd Place and Molly Herman won 3rd Place.
First place winners took home a $1000 scholarship, 2nd place winners received a $500 scholarship and 3rd place winners received a $250 scholarship.
Special thanks to our Master of Ceremonies Kelly Myers and to Sandra Albitz for organizing the Performing Arts Scholarship Competition.
And to the committee, we are grateful for all the work you do to make this a memorable event for the students.  Thank You!