Pottstown Rotary is looking forward to the 2021 AFC-NFC Superbowl already!
And we're hoping you'll join in and may be one of the winners in our Superbowl High Stakes Challenge.
Choose one or more of the 100 squares - we'll put your name on it.
The day before the big game (February 7th) - we'll assign random numbers between 0 - 9 to the outside row and column.
Then at the end of each quarter in the football game, the last digit in the score sets a winner, ie 13(AFC team) to 7 (NFC team) score sets the winner at row 3 column 7.
Each quarter in the football game is worth $300 for the winner.
There can only be one winner for each quarter and there are only 100 squares in the game, so jump in early and get your squares.
Contact Steve Smith by phone (484-300-0891) or email (smithsb@comcast.net) to give us your numbers.
You will be billed in the next Rotary billing cycle (March).
Proceeds from the Superbowl High Stakes Challenge go towards Pottstown Rotary fundraising effort and benefits our local community.