The Thirty-Second Annual Rotary Duck Race was held on July 4th in downtown Pottstown as part of the GoFourth Festival. 

Over 4600 chances to win were sold this year by club members and non-profit agencies here in our community.  The proceeds will help support their projects. 
A list of prizes and winners can be found in the "Read more ... " section below.
Over 100 prizes were awarded to holders of the winning certificates.
Prizes in the form of Gift certificates and Gift cards will be mailed to the winners in the upcoming week.
For larger items, the winner will be mailed a certificate and advised by mail where to go to pick up their prize.
Last year, the Rotary Club gave more than $16,000 to the participating community groups and agencies on a pro-rata basis. 
Since the inception of the Rotary Duck Race, The Rotary Club of Pottstown has contributed more than $411,000 to non-profit organizations in the Pottstown area because of this wonderful event.
We appreciate all the people who helped contribute to make this year's Duck Race a success.  Your efforts make our community stronger each year.
                                                         "Thank You" 
From the Pottstown Rotary Club and all the Community Service Organizations who were sponsored
If you do not see all 4 columns, try downloading the PDF version.

Note: If you see an "a" in the Mailed column, your prize is on its way via US Postal Service. 
          If you see a "b" in the Pickup column, we need you to help get your prize by going to:
      Wheels in Motion
      525 E. High St
      Pottstown, PA  19464
Hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Award NumberPrizeTicket
1$1000 Cash2359Chester County MCLa 
2$500 Cash2432Ann Bennera 
3$250 Cash2182Bonnie Shawa 
4Brookside CC 1 yr Free Dining Membership8433Meghan Shantaa 
5Brookside CC Round of Golf (4)4188Barbara Eschbacha 
6$25 Gift Card Iron Gate Biergarten 1575David Rankina 
7$25 Gift Card Iron Gate Biergarten 6694Elizabeth Natalea 
8 $50 Gift Card Wheels in Motion5865Hank Clarea 
9 $50 Gift Card Wheels in Motion7849Peggy Whittakera 
10 $50 Gift Card Wheels in Motion8412Noah Krasleya 
11The Nation Civil Harrisburg Family Pass6561Len Kampha 
12$50 Gift Card Beverly's Pastry Shop1071Kori Hollisa 
13$50 Gift Card Splitting Edge Ax Throwing4745Deborah DeRitoa 
14La's Desserts (5 Free Desserts)6343Jim Washburna 
15$25 Gift Card Ice House2821Trinata Branda 
16$25 Gift Card T & N Saloon3165John Cassidya 
17$50 Gift Card The Alley on High Street6604Allison Campiona 
18$25 Gift Card The Very Best7347Jess Lupoa 
19$50 Gift Card Three Daughters Inn1892Perry L. Wentzela 
20$25 Gift Card Ice House6671Barbara Tannera 
21$25 Gift Card T & N Saloon4154Amy Klinea 
22$25 Gift Card Once Upon a Time Consignment Boutique1975Shirley Shearera 
23$25 Gift Card Barristers Bagels7560Mr. Leea 
242 tickets ($118 value) Steel River Playhouse8357Lynn Takacha 
25$50 Gift Card Blue Elephant4207Evan Allena 
26$25 Gift Card T & N Saloon6452Sheri Smitha 
27$50 Gift Card Three Daughters Inn8519Curtis Meyera 
28$150 Value Pottstown Farm Bag8455Amanda Garber b
29Pottstown YMCA Bag5893Paula Cardona b
30Vodka Summer Basket5529Springford Rotary Club b
31$25 Gift Card The Very Best5139Thomas Reedya 
32$25 Gift Card Buffalo Wild Wings8589Julian Zerowskia 
33$25 Gift Card Outback Steakhouse8112Mary L. Newetta 
34$25 Gift Card Shorty's Sunflower Café2828Trinta Branda 
35$50 Gift Card Freed's Market8418Andrew Newella 
36Infinity Chiropractic 30 min Massage4070Jacqueline Steinmana 
37$25 Gift Card Brookside Family Restaurant6180Martin Schreibera 
38$50 Gift Card Stave & Stable6344Dottie Washburna 
39Advance Auto Car Care Basket2387Chester County MCL b
40Mission BBQ Basket1141Cheryl Drokoskie b
41$25 Gift Card Grumpy's/ Items7918Jennifer Isetta 
42$30 Gift Card Speck's2830Pedroa 
4320 Foot Inground Flag Pole Set2534Alyssa Obrien b
44MCCC Basket5199Billy Amerin b
45$25 Gift Card Home Depot3055Betsy Myersa 
46$25 Gift Card Starbucks1463Cheryl Bayarda 
47$50 Gift Card Freed's Market6329Jim Madisona 
48Rivet Basket7608Vietnam Veterans Chapter 565 b
49$25 Gift Card Dani Bee Funky2393Chester County MCLa 
50$25 Membership to Springford Historical Society8225Linda Anthonya 
51Hobart's Run/Hill School Basket8365Liz Duall b
52$50 Gift Card Wawa3814Lisa Deversa 
53$25 Gift Card Coventry Pub8592Monica Buckleya 
54$25 Gift Card Keystone Running Store/Items5375Dawn Householdera 
55West Company Fun Basket4169Michelle Bondi b
56Infinity Chiropractic 30 min Massage3860Jacqui Gooda 
57$25 Gift Card Shorty's Sunflower Cafe3175Brenda Macea 
58$25 Gift Card Wawa4634Brenda Haydta 
59$25 Gift Card Wawa7001Aron Johnsona 
60Girl Fun Bag2192Chester County MCL b
61$25 Gift Card Once Upon a Time Consignment Boutique1160Rachel Christophera 
622 tickets ($118 value) Steel River Playhouse3892Sue Drauschaka 
63Bookbag of Fun/Art Fusion8457Amanda Garber b
64$25 Gift Card Lords and Ladies Pottstown8577Jim L. Saylora 
65$25 Gift Card Lords and Ladies Pottstown8443Zak Keysera 
66$50 Gift Card Wawa1364Chloe Klausa 
67Pottstown Library Fun Bag2371Chester County MCL b
68$25 Gift Card Wawa2575Link Davisa 
69$25 Gift Card Wawa3622Annalisa Romberga 
70Go Fourth Basket7781Jim Derr b
71$25 Gift Card Pottstown Roller Mills4349Valeria Hornea 
72The Carousel Basket8379Barbie Silvano b
73$50 Gift Card  JJ Radigan's 8496Edwin F. Orellanaa 
74$25 Gift Card Sizzle3163John Cassidya 
75Basket of Fun  Pottstown Childrens Discovery Center1442Greg Spayd b
76$25 Gift Card  Lords and Ladies Pottstown2806Barrowa 
77$25 Gift Card  Lords and Ladies Pottstown5333Sara Hoovera 
78Basket of Cheer DM Transportation7384Howard Shawell b
79$25 Gift Card Sizzle8425Adriane Zapiena 
80$25 Gift Card Wawa1202Kimberley Wadea 
81$25 Gift Card Mike's Brick Oven Pizza2419Laura McGintya 
82$25 Gift Card Mike's Brick Oven Pizza6901Sharon Smitha 
83$25 Gift Card Mike's Brick Oven Pizza5429Tom Droegea 
84$25 Gift Card Mike's Brick Oven Pizza2284Chester County MCLa 
85$25 Gift Card Mike's Brick Oven Pizza1361Aubrey Fishera 
86$25 Gift Card Mike's Brick Oven Pizza3779Janet Flacka 
87$25 Gift Card Mike's Brick Oven Pizza8110Mary L. Newetta 
88$25 Gift Card Mike's Brick Oven Pizza8566Linda Jacobsa 
89$25 Gift Card Mike's Brick Oven Pizza3429Arthur Mdkeana 
90$25 Gift Card Mike's Brick Oven Pizza2532Alyssa Obriena 
91$50 Gift Card Lords and Ladies Gilbertsville6382Eileen Shaffera 
92$65 Gift Card Strausburg RR3763Mark Countermana 
93$100 Gift Card Henry's Café and Fine Groceries8407Todd Crosleya 
94Pottstown Area Economic Development  (PAED) Bag4703William Brunner b
95$25 Target Gift Card/ Citadel Bag5307Kevin Laskeya 
96$25 Target Gift Card/ Citadel Bag5331Carly Parkina 
97Wine Bottle8406Todd Crosley b
98$1500 Estate Planning William P. Brogley; Esquire 2826Pedroa 
99$25 Gift Card Iron Gate Biergarten 4258Matthew Schoudta 
100Bottle of Wine2784Erwin Green b
101Bottle of Wine7907Lauren McCloskey b
102$25 Gift Card Lords & Ladies Pottstown7019Kathleen Bortza 
103$50 Gift Certificate  (Last Duck In)1020Ted Starinshaha 
 a) gift will be mailed to you via USPS    
 b) Please pick your prize up at:    
  Wheels in Motion    
  525 E. High St    
  Pottstown, PA  19464    
Hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 a - 5:00 p