Congratulations to all the Winners of our 2017 Duck Race down the Manatawny.
Winners will be formally contacted by mail soon with instructions on getting their prize.
prize #PRIZETicket NumberWinnerName
1$1000 Cash5698Jennifer Isett
249" HDTV Television2968Adriane Rodenbaugh
3Apple Smart Watch3494Barbara Eschbach
41-hr Hot Air Balloon Ride for 2207Frank Cebular
5Complimentary Round of Golf (4) Gilbertsville Golf Club1751Jill Bolonski
6$50 Gift Certificate to Wawa1091Glenn Stefanowicz
71 year Dining Membership to Brookside Country Club4323William Pappentick
830-minute Intro to Flight Lesson3124Ross Belovich
9$50 Gift Certificate to Wawa5024Kelly Taylor
10$25 Gift Certificate to Eleanor Russel Ltd5021Kaitlin Doyle
11Sea Glass Picture5196Dean Marks
12$50 Gift Certificate to Wawa2057Marine Corp League
13Round of Golf for 4 at Brookside Country Club2507Louis Ballas
14Full Detail at Wheels in Motion1714Mike Sluffegtt
15Sly Fox Growler with refill card4669Roger Baumann
16$25 Gift Certificate Coventry Pub2544Anthony Catanzaro
17$10 Gift Certificate to Wawa165Jim Leveille
18$20 Gift Certificate to Wawa1296Colleen Spence
19Bird House1972Marine Corp League
20Gift Certificate for Golf Twosome at Water Gap Country Club3588Butsy McElroy
21$100 Gift Certificate to Weitzenkorns1842Gary Felter
22$20 Gift Certificate Camelot Salon1320Jacqui Batzel
23$25 Gift Certificate to Wawa1327Carol Wozonick
24$20 Gift Certificate Camelot Salon2344Joan Landis
25$25 Gift Certificate to Eleanor Russel Ltd4487Philip Ciofalo
26$60 Gift Certificate to Wawa4775Mark Saylor
27$50 Gift Certificate to Wawa291Jonathan Fietkau
28$10 Gift Certificate to Wawa1664Ruth Worrell
29$25 Gift Certificate Redner's5782Ronald Dinnocerti
30Bird Feeder2798John Fry
31Gift Basket "Beach" Theme4241Gary Chubb
32$20 Gift Certificate to Olive Garden 1766Don Balonski
33$50 Gift Certificate Freed's Market2020Marine Corp League
34$25 Gift Certificate to Wawa1159Angelo Galli
35Gift Certificate for Golf Twosome at Water Gap Country Club803Stan Brown
36$25 Gift Certificate to Sunflower Café1730Tina Mendel
37$100 Gift Card to Applebee's2295Thomas Hudson
381 free Half Hour Massage -  Infinity Chiropractor4805Ben Major
39$25 Gift Certificate to Wawa4313Sara Kelly
40$50 Gift Card to Wawa3727Karen H
41$25 Debit Card and Water Bottle at Citadel Bank1977Marine Corp League
42$25 Gift Certificate Giant2768Norman Freed
43$20 Gift Certificate to Potts & Penn Family Diner2417Eugene Krasley
441 Oil Change M & M Lube and Automotive266Donna Manley
45$25 Gift Certificate to Eleanor Russel Ltd3278.Butch Mohn
46$20 Gift Certificate Camelot Salon6009Springford Rotary
47$25 Gift Certificate to Potts & Penn Family Diner3319Michael Hartman
481 free weekend Pet Lodging - Limerick Vet Hospital3859Lawson
49$40 Gift Certificate Pottstown Roller Mills3715Gary Crossman
50$25 Gift Certificate Giant2279Joyce Wedemeyer
5130-minute Intro to Flight Lesson4615Julius Banyal
521 free Half Hour Massage -  Infinity Chiropractor2910Nev Lynch
53$25 Gift Certificate Redner's1724Peggy Snider
54$50 Gift Certificate to Lilly's Grille178Steve Anspach
55$10 Gift Certificate to Wawa1064Brandy Smale
56$25 Gift Certificate to Wawa3107Linda Jacobs
57$20 Gift Certificate Camelot Salon2077Marine Corp League
58$35 Gift Certificate to Mike's Brick Oven Pizza2553Steven Smith
591 Oil Change M & M Lube and Automotive5757Kathleen Louden
60$20 Gift Certificate Camelot Salon2247Marine Corp League
61$20 Gift Certificate to Olive Garden 190Kelly Taylor
62$20 Gift Certificate to Ice House2140Joanne Augustine
63$100 Chili's5025Alison Wagner
64$25 Gift Certificate to Downtown Records3339Diena and Billy Boyer
65$20 Gift Certificate to Ice House170Dana Logue
66$41 Gift Certificate to T&N Saloon1705David Akers
67$41 Gift Certificate to T&N Saloon169Rich Graver
68$20 Gift Certificate to Wawa3659David Akers
69$20 Gift Certificate to Wawa4801Holly Chang
70$50 Gift Certificate to Best Buy3660Anita Slobodin

$50 Gift Certificate Downtown Stores "Last Duck In"


Jeff Schulbert