The Thirty-First Annual Rotary Duck Race was held on July 4th in downtown Pottstown as part of the GoFourth Festival. 

Over 4900 chances to win were sold this year by club members and non-profit agencies here in our community.  The proceeds will help support their projects. 
A list of prizes and winners can be found in the "Read more ... " section below.
Over 100 prizes were awarded to holders of the winning certificates.
Prizes in the form of Gift certificates and Gift cards will be mailed to the winners in the upcoming week.
For larger items, the winner will be mailed a certificate and advised by mail where to go to pick up their prize.
Last year, the Rotary Club gave more than $10,000 to the participating community groups and agencies on a pro-rata basis. 
Since the inception of the Rotary Duck Race, The Rotary Club of Pottstown has contributed more than $395,000 to non-profit organizations in the Pottstown area because of this wonderful event.
We appreciate all the people who helped contribute to make this year's Duck Race a success.  Your efforts make our community stronger each year.
                                                         "Thank You" 
From the Pottstown Rotary Club and all the Community Service Organizations who were sponsored
If you do not see all 4 columns, try downloading the PDF version.

Note: If you see an "a" in the Mailed column, your prize is on its way via US Postal Service. 
          If you see a "b" in the Pickup column, we need you to help get your prize by going to:
      Wheels in Motion
      525 E. High St
      Pottstown, PA  19464
Hours are Monday-Friday 8:30 a - 4:30 p
NumberPrizeTicket #NameMailedPickup
    See below
1$1000 Cash2026Dave Willman  
2$500 Cash3474Aram Ecker  
3$250 Cash5395Betty Bortz  
41-year free dining membership at Brookside Country Club3553Jay Bauera 
5Round Free Golf for 4 @ Brookside Country Club6204Bill Kaina 
62 tickets ($58 value) Steel River Playhouse5151Antonio Butoa 
72 tickets ($58 value) Steel River Playhouse3809Chris Balateeka 
8Wine Basket (Reds, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay)8474Bethany Bechtel b
9Wine Basket (Reds, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay)4981Linda Spivey b
10Summer Fun Bag5446Sandy Albitza 
11Summer Fun Bag3878Susan Drauschak b
12Wears/Utility Bag6854John Armato b
13Weber BBQ Basket8484Janet Fitzgerald b
14$25 Coldstone/box-freeze pops1723Chester Cty MCLa 
15GO Fourth Basket3546Nick Lozorak b
16I Pick Pottstown Bag5115Brian Bortnichak b
17Pottstown Athletic Basket1432Bob Weimar b
18Pottsgrove Booster Wears Bag3845Frances Hylton b
19$20 Amazon gift card/Pottstown Lib - Adult tote bag2230Lauren Hislin b
20$20 Amazon gift card/Pottstown Lib - Children’s tote bag4086Deb Penroda 
21Summer Cheers Basket3255Evan Hunt b
22Homemade Birdhouse3560Jay Bauer b
23Pyrex Portable5447Sandy Albitza 
242 complimentary tickets for the Grease Band1755Chester County MCLa 
253-month Boyertown YMCA membership2262Brian Brendlingera 
2620-foot American Flag set8666Anthony Talirico b
2720-foot American Flag Set4226Patti Roberts b
2820-foot American Flag Set2803Trenita Branda 
29U.S. Hit Air Balloon Ride5968Van Scotta 
30Hobarts Run/Hill Basket6977Brittany Gefvert b
31$100 Gift Card - Mannino's N. Charlotte St location8611Martha Balea 
32$60 Gift Card - Mannino's E. High St location2904Paul Casmera 
33$25 Gift Card - Brookside Family Restaurant5088Debbie Gadzickia 
34$50 Gift Card - Freed's Market2837Sharon Mellora 
35$25 Gift Card - Shorty's Sunflower Cafe1644Chester County MCLa 
36$25 Gift Card - Shorty's Sunflower Cafe7022Kristina Logana 
37$25 Gift Card - Ridge Restaurant5306Lena Zadrogaa 
38$25 Gift Card - Ridge Restaurant1611Chester County MCLa 
395 Supreme Car wash - All Star Car Wash4732Janice Maruscaka 
40$25 Gift Card - Coventry Pub1190Alicia Dinnella 
41$25 Gift Card - Tornetta's8665Celeste Moorea 
42$25 Gift Card - Copperfield Inn @ Lakeside Inn7190Barry Shafera 
43$15 Gift Card - Brookside Family Restaurant3864Susan Dolana 
44$25 Gift Card - Mike's Brick Oven1996Victoria Hannona 
45$25 Gift Card - Pottstown Roller Mills4469Valerie Matthewsa 
46$15 Gift Card - Coventry Parlor @ Laurel Locks6146Grace Majora 
47Half hour massage - Infinity Chiropractic3916Peggy Whittakera 
48Half hour massage - Infinity Chiropractic8209Michele Smitha 
49$50 Gift Card - Big Phil's Restaurant1064Linda Gracea 
50$50 Gift Card - Stave & Stable4138Brenda Fortesa 
51$25 Gift Card - Ice House Deli7249Don Carricka 
52$25 Gift Card - Ice House Deli2302Jay Witkowskia 
53$25 Gift Card - Beverly's Pastry Shop6429William Diehla 
54$25 Gift Card - Beverly's Pastry Shop7160Sue Outlanda 
55$25 Gift Card - Lords & Ladies - Pottstown6730Roger Baumanna 
56$25 Gift Card - Lords & Ladies - Pottstown8379Paul Sgambatoa 
57$25 Gift Card - Lords & Ladies - Pottstown5290G. Lattanzea 
58$25 Gift Card - Lords & Ladies - Pottstown6575Gene Gerasimowicza 
59$25 Gift Card - J.J. Rattigan Brewing Company1857Jamie Sancheza 
60$25 Gift Card - J.J. Rattigan Brewing Company4971Bunning Gaila 
61$50 Gift Card - Blue Elephant4872John Rancha 
62$25 Gift Card - Iron Gate Biergarten4940Joanna Hortona 
63$25 Gift Card - Iron Gate Biergarten6175Leslie Ungera 
64$25 Gift Card - Vyana Cafe2907Kevin Millera 
65$150 Gift Card/Weather tech cup holder - Wheels in Motion7012Jessica Cohen b
66$75 Gift Card - Three Daughters Inn8560Dan Moorea 
67$75 Gift Card - Three Daughters Inn8212Anderson Ruiz-Browa 
68$25 Gift Card - The Alley on High Street7181Barry Shafera 
69$25 Gift Card - Kiki Vodka5985Don Bisslanda 
70$20 Gift Card - The Very Best Weiner Shop6093Scott Fraina 
71$10 Gift Card/Mug - Grumpy's Handcarved Sandwiches & Catering6698Amy Marazasa 
72$50 Gift Card - Grumpy's Handcarved Sandwiches & Catering8182Tammy Neimana 
73$25 Gift Card - Specks Restaurant5471Valley Lock & Doora 
74$35 Gift Card - Pottstown United Brewing Company2258Shelly Bircha 
75$100 Gift Card - Pottstown United Brewing Company8622Ryan Hornea 
76$25 Gift Card - Mike's Brick Oven7066Megan Schaeffera 
77$25 Gift Card - Mike's Brick Oven6033Frank Strunka 
78$25 Gift Card - Mike's Brick Oven5213Christopher Laskeya 
79$25 Gift Card - Mike's Brick Oven6365Steven Hallingera 
80$25 Gift Card - Mike's Brick Oven6498Terry McCarthya 
81$25 Gift Card - Mike's Brick Oven8442Jennifer Anuskya 
82$25 Gift Card - Mike's Brick Oven3923Val Mosesa 
83$25 Gift Card - Mike's Brick Oven2353Chardonney Kinga 
84$25 Gift Card - Mike's Brick Oven7043Dorothy Strunka 
85$25 Gift Card - Mike's Brick Oven4211Tyler Nocea 
86$5(5) Gift Card - B’ San Pizza - High Street Terminal5299Dawn Householdera 
87$25 Gift Card - Once Upon a Time Consignment4959Valeria Hornea 
88$25 Gift Card - Once Upon a Time Consignment7218Al Kutza 
89$25 Gift Card - Giant Food Store4005Cara Shachtera 
90$25 Gift Card - Giant Food Store4201Steve Millera 
91$10 Gift Card - High Street Steaks6739Roger Baumanna 
92$10 Gift Card - High Street Steaks1722Chester County MCLa 
93$10 Gift Card - High Street Steaks7251Mike McCarthya 
94$10 Gift Card - Ileana's Kitchen - High Street Terminal3945Tina Grebea 
95$10 Gift Card - Ileana's Kitchen - High Street Terminal4259Joe Eckerta 
96$10 Gift Card - Ileana's Kitchen - High Street Terminal8299Rob Schlossera 
97$15 Gift Card - Dani Bee Funky3748Judy Vaskorlisa 
98$15 Gift Card - Dani Bee Funky2206Clark Gaynora 
99$20 Gift Card - T&N Hair Saloon3197Jamie Harrisa 
100$20 Gift Card - T&N Hair Saloon8460Danelle Fergusona 
101$20 Gift Card - T&N Hair Saloon6374Jackson Fleischmana 
102$20 Gift Card - T&N Hair Saloon6460Cheryl Guffeya 
103$100 Gift Card - Blue Elephant1962Donna W.a 
104$25 Gift Card - Giovanni's6177Lucas Popilocka 
105$25 Gift Card - Giovanni's4223Eric Allena 
106$25 Gift Card - Wawa6412Patty Moorea 
107$100 Gift Card - Take It Outdoors - Pottstown1356Perry Wetzela 
1081-year membership Spring Ford Historical Society5385Barbara Klingera 
109$25 Gift Card - Frag Out Clothing Co.5566Schreibera 
110$25 Gift Card - Frag Out Clothing Co.2449Claire Schillinga 
111$25 Gift Card - Wawa6464Susan Battena 
112$25 Gift Card - Wawa2741Annette Kobba 
113$25 Gift Card - Wawa6880Anna Strousea 
114$25 Gift Card - Wawa1058Heyna Bonetskya 
115$25 Gift Card - Wawa1409Ken Millera 
116$25 Gift Card - Wawa2934John Durkina 
117$25 Gift Card - Wawa5516Amy Shafera 
118$25 Gift Card - Wawa1286Shirley Shearera 
119$25 Gift Card - Wawa6792Ann Marie Dallasa 
120$1.500 Estate Planning (William Brogley, Esq)6271Maureen Masona 
121Springtime Basket6587Rick Williams b
122Montgomery CCC Basket1705Chester Cty MCLa 
123$25 Gift Card/Basket8635Hudson Greena 
124Home Movie Basket6767LaurenMcCloskeya 
125Manatawny/West Co. Whiskey Basket5561Schreiber b
126Mission BBQ Basket1187Alicia Dinell b
127Carousel Basket2808Trenita Branda 
128Microwave Popcorn Popper8464Ronan Litchfield b
12940 oz tumbler ($20 value) Tower Health3930Christina Kuterbach b
13040 oz tumbler ($20 value) Tower Health1324Carol Vickers b
13140 oz tumbler ($20 value) Tower Health8253Joe Houseal b
132$25 Gift Card - Brookside Family Restaurant1422Ed H.a 
133$50 Gift Certificate - "Last Duck In"5258Bill Breslowskia 
 a) gift will be mailed to you via USPS    
 b) Please pick your prize up at:
  Wheels in Motion
  525 E. High St
  Pottstown, PA  19464
Hours are Monday-Friday 8:30 a - 4:30 p